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October 2012

Mail Sack Pumpkin

October 28, 2012

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Hey guys! I thought I would give the latest mail sack challenge a try. I filmed myself hacking a pumpkin to death so if you’re interested then take a gander! Good luck [...]

Bnet Regulars Gamenight

October 28, 2012

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Last night I attended a Regulars gamenight where various members from the group battled it out on Halo: Reach. After 24 hours I have now uploaded all the videos [...]

SC: Week in Review 03

October 26, 2012

It is that time again Seventh Column member, this is the third Week in Review for you to read in these dark and perilous times. The review this week may seem a little shorter [...]

SC: Week in Review 02

October 19, 2012

Hello again regular Seventh Column member, here is the second Week in Review for your amusement. We had a quite week as usual so don’t expect anything full fun packed [...]

Unleashing Hell..

October 14, 2012

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Yesterday another Community Carnage was held hosted by me and MsCadetUNIVERSE. I thought I would share my experiences with those of you who didn’t attend or are just [...]

SC: Week in Review 01

October 12, 2012

Greetings Seventh Column member. You may be interested in some of the current affairs of the community. The Week in Review used to be posted by Bungie themselves [...]

Banhammer time!

October 4, 2012

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As well as watching out for ‘Destiny’ I said I would also look and keep an eye on and the Community. Perhaps one of the highlights from this year so [...]