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Interview with Desti-Nation

It’s time for another interview! I haven’t done one in a while because i’ve had too much going on but they’ll be streaming in again every so often. Desti-Nation hits the spotlight today as I pull him to the side from his busy schedule for a quick chat about his legendary site.

  • Arbitor5: From the top then, who are you and where are you from?
  • destination Fraser:

My name is Fraser and I’m from a small town at the border of Scotland, Lockerbie. I’m better known on the internet as FraserBaws though, but you can use either!

  • Arbitor5: Another fan from the UK! Quite a few Destiny fans have found their way to Desti-Nation but for those who haven’t, could you tell them what it’s all about?
  • destination Fraser:

Desti-Nation is a website dedicated to bringing everyone the latest on all things Destiny, be it from official news on the website or fan created awesomeness found on Twitter and reddit etc.

  • Arbitor5: Theres plenty of amazing fan content out there for sure. There are loads of Destiny sites out there now, what does yours offer that others don’t?
  • destination Fraser:

Desti-Nation brings news from all over the internet. I do my best to find things that people would love to see. I made the website from the ground up to be made purely for Destiny. I will soon be launching a forum to go along with the site!

  • Arbitor5: Ooh, that sounds cool! When Destiny launches in 2014 where do you see your site?
  • destination Fraser:

I see Desti-Nation still bringing all the latest news to everyone. I also plan on making videos on Destiny to accompany the website. Possibly gameplay walkthroughs and stuff like that. That’s the dream anyway.

  • Arbitor5: Everyone needs a good dream. What are the origins of Desti-Nation?
  • destination Fraser:

I was originally spending time during my summer break to learn a new web development language (I am a Computing student at University) and I was following some lessons on how to create a blog/news site. When I was finished I thought it would be a shame for it to go to waste, so I decided to style it and add some Destiny news every so often, and now here I am.

  • Arbitor5: Ugh, don’t talk to me about codes haha! What do you think about Destiny so far?
  • destination Fraser:

As cheesey as it sounds, Destiny looks like the game that I’ve always wanted. It’s got some epic sci fi action. An amazing artistic style with influence from Star Wars (’nuff said). Lots and lots of sweet loot and the ability to just run into other players whilst out exploring the frontier. It sounds like it will create some really fantastic experiences. Need. Destiny. NOW!

  • Arbitor5: Yeah, watching the latest ViDoc really has made me hungry for more!  When you’re not on your computer what else can you been seen doing?
  • destination Fraser:

When not working on the website I can be found playing games; usually Halo. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Payday 2 and DayZ, 2 very awesome games! I also occasionally going to the gym. I live in quite a small town so there’s not an awful lot to do. Most of my day consists of working on Desti-Nation in some way.

  • Arbitor5: If I had a powerful PC I would play DayZ too.. so to wrap up do you have any shout-outs that you’d like to make?
  • destination Fraser:

I Would love to make some shout outs to: Everyone over at Destiny Dispatch, MoreConsole, ShadE09, Ollie Powell from IGN, Henry and Keith from Activision, ChrisFrancisK, (apologies if to those i forgot, on my phone atm and look lol!) literally everyone who follows me on Twitter and subscribes to me on YouTube. Without all of you guys I would be nothing! So thank you!

More interviews are coming with your favourite Destiny community sites, keep an eye out here on InsideDestiny and check out Desti-Nation below!

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