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Group Spotlight: Seventh Conflux

The Bungie community is rich with talented fans, be that artists, writers and more. A lot of people consider their online home keeping in touch with familiar community faces, straying aside in private groups and staying up to date with Bungie news. Then, there are a few small groups of people on who’s enthusiasm for the Seventh Column stretches further than most. One of these groups, Seventh Conflux, is taking the term ‘community project’ to the next level.

  • logosquareArbitor5: Who are you and where are you from?
  •  Rollin:

My name is Roland, I’m from beautiful Seattle, Washington, and I’m currently a undergradute student at the University of Washington.

  •  Prometheus25: 

My name is Jeff and I’m from Dayton, Ohio, home of powered flight.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Two brilliant Americans eh. What’s the purpose of Seventh Conflux?
  •  Rollin:

I’m actually going to give a shout out to Helveck because I think he described it best. Seventh Conflux is an organizing body looking to bring community driven projects back to To more or less quote what Helveck said, if hockey games are events like game nights, Seventh Conflux is ESPN.

  •  Prometheus25: 

Seventh Conflux is designed to connect the community members to events and programs created by the community, sort of like Enron, just with 80% less corruption. It aims to bring together a lot of ideas that existed separately in years past into a single experience.


  • logosquareArbitor5: That sounds really fascinating, I know we can’t wait for it to fully develop. Why did you decide to create the group in the first place?
  •  Rollin:

Over the last year or so, the community it’s self had become really quiet. We’ve had a large influx of new members, and there’s been a lot going on for and about Destiny, consequently a lot of great community projects faded into the background. That’s to be expected though as there’s a flood of new ideas and new people, many don’t know about the rich traditions this community has, so the Seventh Conflux is our attempt to bring that all back. It’s these kinds of projects that have kept me here for six plus years, and we feel we have a responsibility to introduce the newer users to the same kind of awesomeness that we had.

  •  Prometheus25: 

Rollin proposed the idea to me after talk of expanding an earlier, smaller project. It was in line with the kind of stuff I’m all about here on, so I was on board at the start.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Yes. A lot of the regulars definitely noticed the drop in the Bungie community. What should new members expect if they join?
  •  Rollin:

A great time and lots to do. At this point we’ve constantly got something in the works and people in Seventh Conflux are going to have their finger right on the pulse of what we’re planning. Our mission is, and always will be, to serve the entity of the Seventh Conflux, but we’ll take extra good care of the individuals that go out of their way to show us support.

  •  Prometheus25: 

The great thing is that it should have something for everyone. Members can come regularly for game nights, check in now and then with the podcast, or join our staff to develop their own project if they have ideas that we aren’t currently working on.


  • logosquareArbitor5: That sounds very welcoming. Do you have plans for the group in the future?
  •  Rollin:

Tons. I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to jinx anything as I’m a bit superstitious like that. However you can certainly expect more events like the ones in November to happen again real soon.

  •  Prometheus25: 

Absolutely. Some I don’t want to spoil, but I can say that I hope to have a Conflux-inspired event at PAX East and Prime in 2015.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Secrets eh, they’re safe with us.. for now. Have you got any tips or advice when creating a group?
  •  Rollin:

Tons, actually.

  •  Prometheus25: 

Yes. It takes some careful pruning to maintain a successful group and you need more than just a cool name and generic goal. Constantly trying to find zealous members to help is instrumental in growing and evolving a chapter – Whoops, my age is showing there.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Sound advice and thanks for sharing a great thread Rollin! Do you have any shout-outs that you’d like to announce?
  •  Rollin:

There are so many people I know that are deserving of a shout out that it wouldn’t even be fair to try to list them all. To everyone that’s helping us make the Seventh Conflux run, to the people who’ve participated in our events, and to all of the members that have inspired me over the last six years to try something this crazy, stay classy.

  •  Prometheus25: 

Rollin covered Seventh Conflux well, so I want to thank the webteam who have been making strides in re-establishing the forums, #Gaming for being a resilient community, Rollin for talking me into going to my first PAX, and last Wax for giving me a place to crash in Seattle that weekend.


We’ll be dropping by other groups and clans soon so stay locked at In the meantime feel free to visit Seventh Conflux and to follow their social accounts!




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