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Group Spotlight: Community Carnage

Today we’re dropping by another private group the Community Carnage. The name should ring a bell to anyone who’s posted in the Community forum for a few years or more at least. For those that haven’t or are new to the Bungie community then today in this Group Spotlight you can find out it’s history, it’s purpose and to join in the fun and play with the community. Make friends, play games.

  • logosquareArbitor5: Kicking off, who are you and where are you from?
  •  Index:

Hey, I’m Index. Born and raised in the Great Lake State of Michigan. We make automobiles and have northern accents.


  • logosquareArbitor5: That area looks really beautiful in Google Maps. What is the Community Carnage?
  •  Index:

The Community Carnage is an older 7th Column tradition for game nights on We host events for Bungie’s games and other multi-platform titles. The Carnage offers more opportunity to play video games with one another in the Bungie community. And if you ask me, making friends that enjoy the same games as you can really strengthen your time spent here.

  • logosquareArbitor5: I’ve helped out with a few game nights and it was great fun. So how did you get involved?
  •  Index:

Back in 2008, we had a few other community members running Carnages in what was then known as the Community Forum. I started hosting lobbies and lending a hand somewhere around that time. Over the years we’ve had a bunch of different party leaders and hosts. It truly has been an effort by the Bungie community, not just one person, to keep these game nights around.


  • logosquareArbitor5: A team effort much like other Community Projects. Can you tell us about it’s rich history?
  •  Index:

The Community Carnage dates all the way back to 2007. If memory serves, a community member just wanted to set up a game night. In the past, 8v8 CTF on Valhalla was where lasting friendships were born. Before that, Warthog Wars on Coagulation. Carnage began and still flows because of that same thirst for blood and community.

Fun trivia: In 2010, we were banned from doing events in the Community Forum because of the old forum rules. The Carnage was reborn shortly after Halo: Reach launched.

If you check out the Community Carnage group, we a have a thread monument dedicated to our history. It’s one giant Archive of Carnage and it lists all of our game nights dating back to 2008. Lots of good games and memories.


  • logosquareArbitor5: 2007. That was 7 years ago. Time does fly! How often do you play together?
  •  Index:

Sporadically. We are working on a better game night schedule that we can stick to. With the help of the community, and Seventh Conflux, Carnage is aiming towards at least one game night per month.

The great thing is that when you’re making new XBL or PSN friends through these events, the Carnage never sleeps.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Do you have plans for the group in the future?
  •  Index:

Absolutely. With the release of Destiny and more new nextgen multiplayer games, we for sure want to host more game nights. GTA V with 32-player lobbies would be sweet. also has a new public forum landscape for game nights under #Gaming or #SeventhColumn. You’ll probably see some new Carnage in those areas.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Awesome, we’re looking forward to that. Have you got any tips or advice when creating a group?
  •  Index:

Hmmm… good question. Populate your group or clan with people from all different walks of life and don’t forget to play video games together. In my experience, you don’t have to be Mr. Business or take things so seriously to run a great group. Just take it easy, make some friends and good discussion will probably follow.


  • logosquareArbitor5: Thanks for the advice, do you have any shout outs?
  •  Index:

Shout out to all Carnage hosts and party leaders who have helped or continue to run game nights over these many years. More loud shouting to HFCS and Comet. Pouring some out for all my homies.


If you’re looking for a blast, some friends and to play games then join the Community Carnage today and get involved. Perhaps even host a game night yourself! Click the links below to visit the group and it’s social accounts.




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