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Destiny Soundtracks


Due to a few people hitting the wrong download link please ensure that when you visit sendspace that your download button looks like the one below!

These tracks below are clips of Destiny’s music. Download them all by clicking on the button above.

  • February 17th 2013; ‘Eighth’ – Teaser track released on Destiny’s reveal date.
  • March 28th 2013; ‘Bungie at GDC 2013’ – Music from Bungie’s GDC video.
  • May 23rd 2013; ‘Destiny Reveal footage’ – Music from Bungie’s Law of the Jungle video.
  • July 6th 2013; ‘Awakening’ – Music from Bungie’s E3 booth.
  • September 4th 2013; ‘Thank You’ – Music from Bungie’s community thank you video.
  • September 4th 2013; ‘Thank You EDIT’ – Music from Bungie’s community thank you video.
  • ‘Destiny Music Mix’ – A mix of music from Bungie’s tracks above.
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